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Contemporary Italian cuisine (with a little love for Latin) has come to College Plaza, Randolph. The Vargas family combine decades of restaurant expertise to present the freshest, healthiest, highest quality selections available. Fine diners in Randolph and beyond appreciate the Vargas family's focus on the food. Warm woods, intimate booths and interesting decor create a welcoming, serene ambiance. A ceramic-tiled waterfall adds soothing sounds and an outdoor patio offers an alternative atmosphere for guests. Diners are welcome to bring their own wine; kept chilled by the table or for reds, within reach of the wait staff.


The menu includes an array of perfectly grilled steaks, fresh seafood, Italian-inspired pastas, interesting appetizers, soups, salads and warm homemade bread. Gluten free, whole wheat and whole grain pastas are available.


Chef Portillo has a huge experience in Italian contemporary cuisine with influence of spices and flavor of Latin dishes. Portillo create his specials depending on the freshness of the ingredients. The restaurant is open for lunch and has a great variety of burgers and sandwiches are also available, along with a children’s' menu.


The Corner Bistro is about serving delicious food. Our approach to food is simple: source high quality ingredients, use cooking methods that bring out the natural flavors, and develop balanced flavors in every dish. We believe in freshness and simplicity. The Corner Bistro features rustic, handcrafted dishes that highlight our Latin culinary influences, local seafood and produce.


Open for lunch and dinner, come and test our famous home made bread, or try our Risotto Plate or our exotic dishes as Frog Legs or Osso Bucco. The Corner Bistro is ready to serve and delight.

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